Disrespected by the President

    Navy Corpsman are often dealing with the way many people pronounce their title as
‘Corpse Man’, which is disrespectful and Obama, our own president made that
mistake. An editor expressed his feelings on how these hard working people risk
their lives every day and then get this type of recognition back at home. This
editor uses very strong argument expressing is anger towards this type of
recognition on Navy Corpsman.

     The first argument he uses is does the president
refer to Marines as Marine Corpse? Has he ever heard of "esprit de corps" or
does the Obama dictionary refer to it as "espirit de corpse?" He questions the
  president by stating does he refer the Marines Corpse? This is a rhetorical
  question because he does not refer them as Marine Corpse because he knows
  better than to disrespect a Marine in that way, which a Navy Corpsman should
  also be respected as since all Military should be equal. 
Then he makes reference to Esprit of Corpse, which
is term people refer to as the morale of the group. He is simply mocking him
since every high government official, especially the Commander- in- Chief
  (Obama), should know about so would he also mispronounce that? Of course he
  wouldn’t, but he would mispronounce Navy Corpsman, giving them less recognition
  and mockery.

     Why less recognition? He goes on to his second argument on why they
should recognized, “Our commander-in-chief doesn't know about corpsmen who risk
their own lives in combat to save others. Any Marine who ever served knows of
Navy corpsmen reverently referred to as "Doc." He uses strong phrases such
  risking their own lives. This phrase many have heard but some know the actual
  truth behind it. The editor uses this phrase to create an image in the readers’
mind of Navy Corpsman fighting for their lives to protect this country making
  them look like heroes. One word he uses which relates a lot to the Military is
  the word Combat. The word in this sentence creates a sense that these Navy
  Corpsman are not simple doctors who just sit at a desk, but actual people who
  take part in battles just like any other soldier or Marine who do. Lastly, the
  word ‘Doc’ is referred as a doctor but in the military is a term the Marines
  use to give respect to a Hospital Corpsman who they respect and admire and
  being called Doc by a Marine is a honor, so he the editor states that any
  Marine who has served know of a Navy Corpsman who been referred as Doc, this
  sentence mean these Navy Corpsman are brave men and if so many are called Doc
  it is because many are brave and are willing to put their lives at risk to save
  fellow comrade. These people have been proven to have earned the respect they
  deserve from the public and especially from the Commander-in-

     Lastly, he states “I was and am personally offended and hope and pray
that other corpsmen, men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice, are not
forgotten by other presidents?” This sentence is an example of ethos. This is
his personal opinion, which shows that he is very saddened and angered by how
the Navy Corpsman is being recognized. The phrase ultimate sacrifice causes the
reader to actually think because they will start asking themselves if these
people make the ultimate sacrifice making them heroes then why are they
disrespected in that way? Also he concludes by letting the reader know that this
has not been the only time that they have been disrespected by other Commander-

     The editor really expressed his feelings and also had good reason to back
it up. His arguments are very strong and show how the Navy corpsmen are being
disrespected when all they deserve is

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